Jean Tatton Jones 2008

Do your patients wait in trepidation for an extraction, or do they relax by gazing at items from

Do your customers eat in silence facing a plain wall, or do they engage in a lively discussion of that intriguing painting near their table?

Is your office congenial to staff and customers by including works of art?

Art in the work place creates a welcoming atmosphere, reduces stress, boosts staff morale and communicates the image and values of a company. An original painting, instead of a photograph, can create interest amongst potential clients, by making a product seem fresh and contemporary.

Another Reality

The sky is mirrored in the pond,
A bird sings a song 
And sips from the sun.

A silvery fish moves along
In the pool and soon
It swims through the moon.

The wind whips up a fragile bloom
That wafts from afar
And lands on a star.

© Jean Tatton Jones

Jean Tatton Jones has experience of selling art to medical practices, restaurants, hotels and offices and her profile includes seascapes, landscapes and abstracts. An example of this is a dental practice in Bristol which has nine of her paintings in the waiting room. They bought a couple and found they had such a calming influence on the patients that they commissioned more.

Art is close to poetry in its ability to change people’s moods and perceptions and it can change the ambience in a room just as the following poem can modify our view of a situation.

When the Talking Stopped

In the faint hum of the afternoon 
Laden bees buzz, buzzing
Among the musky bloom.
Teddy urged to drink his share
His mouth firmly unyielding
Amid the milk stained hair
And I remember laughing 
When as she shelled the peas
The maggot popped up - smiling.
But then - the warning siren.

The sky looked sad, downcast
The sun had closed its eyes.
Jagged stairs still clung to the wall
- Embedded deep
Like the nails in my clenched palms,
For now there was only rubble
And broken - broken stems
Where those fingers had gently tended
The few flowers in the yard.

With inner sense dismantled,
I mouthed it would be alright,
But teddy just stared glass-eyed
- Reflecting my own doubt

© Jean Tatton Jones

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