These 3 Midland based artists, all take their inspiration from the natural world.

Ian Ridley is a self-taught professional artist living and working in Feckenham, Worcestershire.

He has had paintings selected for several years in the Royal Birmingham Society of Artist’s Prize Exhibition in June of each year and has sold to collectors in Europe, Japan and the USA.

In 2011 he held a successful month-long solo exhibition at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham and one of his paintings was selected as Best in Show at the Quinton Arts festival in Birmingham in both 2011 and 2012.

Examples of his work and details were chosen to be featured in the American ICA publication “International Contemporary Artists” and in 2012 his work was featured in the “Artist” magazine; the UK’s leading practical art magazine.

Earlier this year he was elected to be a member of the prestigious Birmingham Watercolour Society and has been involved in the “apictureforhealth” charity in Worcestershire. 

Winter trees tend to be an integral part of his enthralling landscapes.



Jane Miller-Robinson attended Loughborough College of Art & Design where she obtained a degree in Three Dimensional Design, although her work has stayed firmly two-dimensional ever since! 

She has had a fascination for studying animals, particularly horses, ever since childhood when she was captivated by the ‘drama’ perceived in their eyes, movement and behaviour. Her commissioned work as an animal portrait-artist has bought her a substantial reputation. 

The bulk of her work celebrates rural life in Herefordshire, focusing on characterful animals. She is currently fascinated by placing them in formal garden settings alongside topiary. The high degree of technical skill which her paintings display, separate them from many other similar works by other artists.



Tracy Jolly’s work is both original and extremely tactile. She specialises in painting contemporary, semi abstract floral and seascape art-work; mainly with acrylics, metallics and enamels. She creates her highly textured works by mixing her own pastes and glues, then sculpting the shapes she desires onto the canvas. Each painting is created using high quality mediums. 

She is inspired by the beauty of nature and particularly enjoys painting flowers and sunsets. Her aim is to create pieces of art that are innovative, dynamic and inspiring. She has a dedicated following, based partly on her willingness to undertake commissions intended to blend with customers décor.


The exhibition at Malvern Theatre continues every day until August 25th