Malvern Theatre is a great venue for showing art. An ever increasing number of visitors go specially because they know that every six weeks the show changes and in many cases artists come some considerable distance for the chance to exhibit. 

The common element in the work of the three artists in this show, is the way that they have all chosen to use the natural world as their starting point. When gathered together however, it is the different directions each has taken that makes this show interesting.


At first sight Stuart Dalby's paintings of Sea and Sky might seem to be merely realist images. But, it is their heightened colour treatment which makes them far more interesting. This approach enhances the mood that each one evokes. Natural phenomenon are recorded but the volume is then turned up. Its like the difference between a string quartet and a full-blown concert orchestra. Collectors who own his works in this idiom, find that each time they look, the painting reveals something different. It is Stuart's second visit to Malvern. His paintings are even more assured this time and thus even more collectable. On this website Stuart has many more works in different genre.








Sam Fenner paints animal portraits, but like Stuart's work they are much more than mere realistic images. They have a painterly quality which is an absolute joy. Add to that, the feeling that these animals have almost human characters. And even more pleasure comes from then seeing how Sam's witty and hilarious titles fit the image so closely. As we were hanging this exhibition, visitors to the Theatre were chuckling as they admired the paintings and then read the titles. You will see, from other images on Sam's page, that many of these same works can be bought in the form limited edition prints. 


Claire Cooper-Walsh's mixed media works are different again. Generally, she uses a muted palette and her approach is semi-abstract. The muted colours and tones enhance the richness of the textures she produces. There is a calmness about her work which engulfs the viewer. These are paintings to relax with. They are on a domestic scale as are others of her works on the website which are framed. In a modern interior, canvases with painted edges look great. In a more traditional setting, framed works sometimes fit better.


The shows runs until 2 June. The theatre is open 7 days a week.