The two artists showing their work in this show both elicit strong reactions. Both artist's work has a warmth which engages the viewer. They both produce "feel-good" pieces.

Gillian Luff's paintings are all about the natural world and the atmospheric conditions which change the observer's experience of the landscape. In this respect, they have much in common with the later works of Turner. But, unlike Turner's works they are not connected to specific venues; they represent all mountains, all seascapes; nature at it's most violent or most serene. Gillian's images capture those moments of natural phenomenon that literally "take your breath away". Unsurprisingly, her love of nature extends to the choice of sustainable resourced wooden stretchers. Not only is this environmentally friendly. It makes them much less likely to warp. Her work is collected by fans from many countries. She recently gave up other employment to concentrate on her painting in an attempt to meet the ever increasing demand that works of this quality engender. The selection at the Knapp is but a small part of what is available at the on-line gallery.  



Emerald Dunne lived for some time in Japan, and it was here that her interest in things spiritual was awakened. The Buddhist belief in reincarnation, the colours of kimonos and the Japanese fascination with tradition and innovation, inspired her in new directions. Upon returning to the UK, she chose to incorporate Celtic elements into her work as well. The resulting canvases are vibrant concoctions; a mixture of all these influences. They are full of energy; colourful and joyous celebrations which lift the spirit. Emerald's initial training was in stained glass and many of her paintings remind one of the richness of colour as the sun streams through an example of this thousand year-old craft. Emerald has much more work on the site.




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