They say variety is the spice of life. If this true for you need look no further than Malvern Theatres. The three artists on show now could not be more different. Superb technique and heightened emotion is their only link.

Angela Ferreira

Angela Ferreira was born in Portugal. She grew up with a view of the famous castle of her home-town, from her bedroom window. She attributes her passion for fairytales to the influence of this experience.
She has always been passionate about drawing and painting and feeling different from the crowd, felt the need to travel and explore new horizons. At the age of only 16 she left home to spend a year as an exchange student in Texas where she won an Art Student Award; her ideas and concepts, marking her out as different. Angela also spent a month in Brazil on an international program of Youth & Ecology, raising awareness of global problems and finding local solutions.

She moved to Cardiff where she’s been living and painting ever since. Her extensive travels; a mind-broadening experience, has had a strong influence on her work.

Angela's paintings often seem to be relating a fairytale. She aims to bring cultures together, transmit good inner feelings, encourage positive energy and invite the observer to join her on a journey to a different imaginative world.

Her work has been exhibited in UK and Portugal, used as a book cover in her native country and also published in the National Geographic/ Hampton Brown School Books in the USA as learning material. Angela is a BA (Hons) Fine Art Graduate from Cardiff School of Art & Design and is currently studying a postgraduate course -- MA Arts in Health.

Mariam Kaukab

From the very first moments of her academic education, Mariam Kaukab’s passion has always been her art. She has been painting seriously since 1973. Now retired, she is able to indulge that passion more fully, thus making her work available to a wider public. has provided an excellent way of displaying more and more of her artwork.

An artist's talent is a rare, almost indefinable quality. Mariam’s work, much admired, admirably exhibits those elusive elements. She draws inspiration from nature in all its forms. The majority of her work is focused on landscape. Mariam has sold around 100 artworks to date. She has sold very successfully, particularly in Portugal.

Michael Fargher

Michael Fargher was born in Huyton, Liverpool in 1963 and drawing and painting has always been a great passion, as far back as he can remember. After achieving top grades in both Art and Art History at A level, he went on to begin a Foundation Course at Carlisle College of Art but affairs of the heart put paid to any serious study and he left for Europe to become a travelling artist and busker.

After having met and married his wife Sarah, he felt the need to seek a more secure way to make a living. In 2009 he decided to make a leap of faith and became a full-time artist, although he had been selling artworks for over 30 years.

Although he has had several exhibitions, his association with has allowed him the freedom that he relishes.

Michael’s inspiration comes from the world around him, but the majority of his paintings are drawn from his imagination.... “strands taken from trips around this country and abroad, walks around local fields, farmland and industrial sites. Beauty can be gleaned from a simple shaft of light on a distant horizon or a cloud formation”.

All Michael’s work is in acrylics. He finds it’s far more flexible and versatile than oils and paints onto Winsor and Newton cotton stretched canvas. Painted edges mean that works are ready-to-hang.

This the first time all three artists have exhibited at Malvern Theatres. The exhibition is open every day until 21 April.