Our Art to Give a Loved One exhibition runs every day until 10th March at the Malvern Theatres, Worcestershire.

Paul Pennell

Repousse work is the creation of 3 dimensional shapes out of a single piece of sheet metal by the use of traditional embossing and chasing techniques has been made in various forms for thousands of years from jewellery to tableware, decorating suits of armour to pictures. This skill has almost died out now usually only practiced by a few Silversmiths and Jewellers. Paul Pennell like his late Father is a life long traditional panelbeater who has made one off handmade bodies in steel and aluminium for some of the Worlds' finest Cars.

Paul has now adapted his technique to make large scale repousse pictures in aluminium and is unique in the Art world. All Paul's pictures are made entirely by hand using only basic hand tools and a leather sandbag; the stunning reflections and light on the 3 dimensional shapes really capture the essence of the subject and portray the shapes in a way that a normal painting cannot.

Since Paul started in 2009 he has exhibited at a number of major shows including the famous Goodwood Motoring Events where he has sold his pictures to some of the Worlds' top Car Collectors from all over the World including America and Switzerland and South Africa. He has also sold pictures to a number of major PLC's for display at their Headquarters and was recently invited by Mercedes Trucks to display his work on their stand at the annual Truckfest event at Peterborough. Paul’s most recent commission was of a new 6 door Jaguar for the Headquarters of the company that “stretches” them and a major showroom. Much as Paul is best known for his Car Pictures he has recently started creating a wide range of work from Horses to Bold Abstracts and these are already attracting considerable interest. Examples of all are included in this exhibition. The abstracts in particular would make wonderful Valentine presents. This is the second time Paul has shown in Malvern.


Gill Stokes

Gill was born and grew up in Warwickshire but now lives in Shropshire.
She has always been interested in painting and drawing, even from a very young age she would save her pocket money to buy pencils and brushes.
She studied fine art after leaving school, but then decided to train as a primary school teacher, still painting and drawing in what little spare time she could find.

She now paints full time, and has had several solo exhibitions as well as exhibiting with local art societies.

She paints mostly in Oils but sometimes in Acrylics. She is fascinated by the natural world and by the effects of changing light upon it. She prefers to draw and sketch outside whenever possible, but it is often more practical to make sketches and photographs and complete the painting in the studio.

A recent painting, "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl" was selected for exhibition at Kings Place Gallery, Kings Cross, London as part of The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Exhibition. This painting also won an award at the Staffordshire Open Art Exhibition.


David Newton

David’s interest in drawing and painting probably began when his dad used to bring home rolls of paper from his job at a Bank's Stationery Department for him and his sister to draw on.

Art quickly became his favourite subject at school and he went on to study A-Level Art and Design. He gained a place at the prestigious Bournville College of Art, but preferred to study for a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration at the Birmingham Institute for Art and Design where my illustration tutor was a student of Quentin Blake's from the Royal College of Art.

Since then David has worked as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, an in-house designer and a scenic artist for Walsall Illuminations; his largest complete painting being an enormous sixteen feet long and twelve feet high.

Latterly, finding some aspects of commercial art and design rather unrewarding, David made the decision to return to his artistic roots and concentrate on painting, with particular emphasis on the decorative influence of Art Nouveau and a hint of Fauvism, Impressionism and Cubism for good measure.

David also enjoys writing and illustrating children's stories, and has plans to pursue that area of interest in the future.

The show runs every day until 10th March