The new exhibition at Malvern Theatres features the work of three artists who produce paintings which generally fall under the heading of "abstract art". 

All three choose to create compositions, with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. The degree of abstraction defines the styles they adopt.

Keith Athay is a Somerset based artist. He works in textured acrylics on large canvases. The work is inspired by the colours, textures and structures in nature.

Anatomy, science and chemistry all play a part in his creations. He is keen to harness and record his emotional reactions to nature within the works.

He has painted all his life but 10 years ago he turned professional. He now sells to collectors across the UK and further afield.

This is his first exhibition in Malvern. Previous exhibitions include:

Avalon Art show – Street - Somerset.
Black Swan Open Arts Competition
Frome Evolver Magazine Prize 2006
Runner up Ale and Porter Arts 2006
Decorex international 2006
Chelsea 2007
Lop Lop Gallery - Poole Dorset - April 2007
The Mill Restaurant – Rode - Somerset
Gallery 8 - Glastonbury
Somerset Art Mansion - Midsomer Norton
Somerset Mood Art Gallery
The Art Bay Gallery - Stoke on Trent
Art at 5 Brighton

Born in the UK, Liz McDonough lived in Manchester until moving to Mauritius in 2002, returning to the UK relatively recently.

She became a self-taught artist after leaving College at the age of 17. When not painting she creates a range of jewellery, is involved with photography and practices Reiki.

Liz uses her many life changing & profound moments to draw upon creatively and to share inspiringly through her art.

Her paintings begin with feelings derived from statements, poetry and alternative perspectives bordering on the spiritual. Her intention is to create pieces of art which can have an emotional and enlightening impact on the viewer. She aims to enable individual relationships with each onlooker. Liz takes pleasure in the contrast between the smoothness of airbrush and / or paintbrush and rough undulating surfaces; discovering new ways to create textures, luminosity and depth.

She also enjoys uncovering the contrasts connecting and opposing colours and exposing the relationships concealing them. 

Let her take you on a journey of the cosmos and enjoy the discovery of art being a spiritual experience.


For Haylea Archer, painting has always been a passion. She originally went to college to study Art and Design but changed direction when the opportunity to work abroad presented itself. That experience has broadened her horizons and given her the impetus to share her artistic efforts with a wider public.

As a result she has re-discovered the joy of painting in her spare time.

Most of her creations develop as a result of how she is feeling at the time; it defines how they take shape. The resulting works are in the abstract expressionist style.

Her paintings are bursting with colour and life and each one is unique, enigmatic and personal to the artist. Her collectors enjoy the chance to share her love of life.

This is the first time Haylea has shown work in Malvern.