Adele McMachon is a self taught painter based on the Wirral, near Liverpool. She became interested in the artistic possibilities of painting after spending a number of years working as a cinema projectionist. She found herself intrigued by the content of broken frames cut from the reels of film.

She says, "Each frame of film, although on screen for only 1/24th of a second, was so rich in narrative structure I decided to recreate them on canvas. I chose frames which were unfamiliar to me, quite deliberately" 

She currently teaches photography at a local Community College and uses her interest in film and her background in photography to help construct her own narratives. She is particularly drawn to create paintings that leave the viewer asking questions about what has happened or is about to happen.

Adele has exhibited in a number of group and solo shows and has works in both private and public collections across the UK.




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Amanda Dagg is a Welsh artist who has been selling her work for over 7 years. She paints daily in her studio in Neath, Wales. She specialises in the sculptured effect she gives to her paintings.

A family artist friend tutored her from an early age. He planted poppy flowers in her garden under the orchard trees; creating in her, a passion with these beautiful flowers.

Amanda says, "You will see some of my poppy flower paintings are surrounded by grass protecting them. Like a child's view, peeking through long grasses, they encase the poppies like the warm blanket of my childhood memories". 

She is inspired by nature and is passionately driven to develop uplifting paintings that are enriched with a positive and energetic vibe. Painting became her life after ill health in her twenties, giving her a determination to realise her dream of being an artist. To date she has sold over 2000 paintings online and through art galleries to collectors in the UK, USA, Canada, Cyprus, Rome, Greece, Malaysia, Spain and Ireland. These hang in private homes, nightclubs, churches and restaurants. Many of her clients return again and again.

Amanda is returning to Malvern after a highly successful show last year. She is happy to accept commissions, which can be arranged through


Dona Saggu's paintings celebrate life with an eclectic and heady cocktail of vibrant colour, optimism, sanguinity and a cheerfulness intended to uplift the spirits in these difficult times.

She was born into a family where art was an integral part of everyday life; both the parents being art enthusiasts. 

Her first exhibition, in 2007, was held while she was studying for her Masters Degree in Fine Art. She was the first student to have a solo show of 32 works. Each subsequent year saw another large solo exhibition as well as other group shows. 

Dona is inspired by the richness of life and celebrates it in her paintings which are full of colour, vivacity, and exuberance. She embraces colour symbolism, suggesting different moods, and uses an invigorating range of different and ever increasing techniques; dripped paint, palette knife application, water colour, pen drawing, acrylic and so on. 

She has exhibited and sold successfully in India, Australia and latterly in the UK, selling over 100 works in a variety of media. This is her first exhibition in Malvern.



Mark Bennett is a young artist who grew up in the Cotswolds and started painting from a early age but didn't start exhibiting until his early twenties. 

Since then, each exhibition has been more and more successful and his paintings can now been seen in collections across the country. 

His paintings are filled with emotion, desire and movement - most focusing on dancers or scenes from bars, restaurants and cafes. The strong contrast between light and dark emphasizes the theatricality of his subjects. He is currently working on a ballet series. 

He is a rising star in the art world. His paintings have been compared to the work of Fabian Perez and Jack Vettriano. He is becoming more and more collectable. His is among the top 3 artists, from a field of over three thousand on the artgallery website, chosen by the public in a competition to select "Artist of the Year". 

Mark now lives in the Cotswolds with his wife Emily and their young daughter.

This is Mark's first exhibition in Malvern. He produces mounted prints of many of his paintings which can also be bought through the website