We're pleased to welcome three new artists to our exhibition space in the Malvern Theatres, Worcestershire. ;

Anne Blankson-Hemans

Anne grew up in the West African country of Ghana and studied at the College of Art – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, under some of the finest contemporary Ghanaian painters. She was mentored and tutored by Ato Delaquis, the renowned Ghanaian artist.

Anne moved to the UK and took a full time job working in IT. But, early in 2000 she returned to her real passion after setting up her own business making fine-art prints for artists and photographers. She has exhibited in the UK, the US and in Africa and her works are held in a number of collections in these countries.

Although she is highly qualified and the member of several professional artist societies, she feels that having come “full-circle”, the learning has only just began. In her figurative work, each subject captivates her. She wants to get into the minds of those she portrays. She uses vibrant colours, drawing on her African heritage. She enjoys the exquisite patterns of printed fabrics from which clothes are made, seeing rich patterns and colours and integrating them in her backgrounds.

 Anne is currently working on a series of historical still-life paintings of which 'Goodbye News of the World' is the first.

In addition, this show includes several landscape works; responses Anne makes to where she lives and places she has visited. Visit Anne’s full online gallery here.


Mike Bagshaw

When Mike was at school he was taken under the wing of the great Salford painter Harold Riley, a dedicated portrait painter, who has painted many prominent people from the Kennedys, various Popes, Royalty and Nelson Mandela. Mike went on to study art in Leicester and London before a change of direction; graduating in psychology. He began work as a prison psychologist, before moving into commerce and becoming a business psychologist.

Since 2000 he’s been pursuing his interest in art again. His focus on portraits links with his work as a psychologist; good portraits allow a window into the personality. This is Mike’s second showing at Malvern Theatre. He is included amongst ArtGallery’s elite “Premier Artists Gallery”.

He is a strong advocate of life drawing, practicing this aspect of his art as a member of a group which meets weekly. He now lectures at Worcester University and also tries to spend more time painting.

His interest in the sitter and his or her character informs Mike’s approach to his work. The viewer thus has the opportunity to connect with the personality of the sitter.

Mike is happy to be commissioned for portraiture -- contact the website on
0844 879 7438. Visit Mike’s full online gallery here.


Yola Quinn

Yola was born in Natal, South Africa in 1972, where she lived surrounded by the dramatic beauty of the African countryside. Her father was a professional landscape and floral artist and therefore she was surrounded by artistic inspiration thought her childhood.

She studied Fine Art at the Naval University of Technology where she and developed as an artist, acquiring proficiency in both painting and ceramics. After graduating from the university she worked as a tutor and established her own private studio. During these five years her work was featured in many exhibitions.

In 2008 she relocated to the UK to live with her husband, a sculptor, Graeme. They now live and work in Stroud. Since her arrival in this country she has had work in both solo and group exhibitions and winning prizes in the process. Her works are treasured by their fortunate owners.

She draws her inspiration from the beauty of African nature, her native land. Her professional technique; meticulous and undivided attention to each, even the smallest, detail -- makes it possible for her to develop and create rich masterpieces that are full to the brim with emotion -- sophisticated, intangible and vivid at the same time. Every piece is a celebration of beauty.

This is the first time Yola’s work has been seen in Malvern. Visit Yola’s full online gallery here.