Our latest exhibition has opened at The Malvern Theatres, Worcestershire featuring three fantastic artists.

Mark Holmes

Mark graduated from Cheltenham College of Art and Design.

As the result of a recent career change, he has found the opportunity to exploit his artistic skills and show his work to a wider audience.  His early paintings focused on still-life, a discipline which allows the artist complete control over the subject, the composition and technique.

More recent work has taken its reference from the local landscape. The choice of which elements to include and the manner in which the modelling of depth and space is handled; the use of colour in creating these 'spaces' is what makes Mark’s work uniquely personal.

Working in rural Worcestershire sometimes lends a pastoral quality to later works, but this derives more from an accident in geography than a true nostalgia for the landscape. Mark recognises the importance of, and his relationship to, the local landscape, but each painting takes reference from the previous, and the actual process of painting. This evolving journey has encouraged Mark to experiment with a more abstracted view of nature taking as his source, tree forms 'dissolved' against brighter backgrounds and pieces where the actual landscapes become sublimated under larger and larger skies.

The works in this exhibition record part of that journey.

Mark’s full gallery can be seen here.













Paul Pennell

Like his late Father, Paul is a life-long traditional panel-beater who has made one-off handmade bodies in steel and aluminium for some of the Worlds' finest Cars. He has now adapted his technique to make large scale repousse pictures in aluminium; unique in the Art World.

All Paul's pictures are made entirely by hand using only basic hand tools and a leather sandbag and much as it is not possible to get as much finite detail in as in a painting due to the gauge of the metal, the stunning reflections and light on the 3 dimensional shapes, superbly capture the essence of the subject and portray the image in a way that a normal painting cannot.

Since Paul started in 2009 he has exhibited at a number of major shows including the famous Goodwood Motoring Events where he sold his work to some of the Worlds' Top Car Collectors including from America, Switzerland and South Africa. His work can also be seen in the headquarters of several UK PLCs and he was recently invited by Mercedes Trucks to display his work on their stand at the annual Truckfest event at Peterborough.

Much as Paul is best known for his Car Pictures, he has recently successfully created a wide range of other works; Animal Pictures and Bold Abstracts.

Paul’s full gallery can be seen here.













Gill Thompson

Gill was born in London in 1949 and studied A-level Art at school.

She has worked as an artist, alongside her career as a teacher, since leaving college. She trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama and then did an MA in Stage Design at the University of North Carolina, USA. She now lives in rural Herefordshire.

Gill is essentially self-taught although she has worked with South African artist Cecily Sash for many years and has experimented with a range of media and techniques through attending classes and working in her studio in Herefordshire.

Gill uses a variety of different media - oils, acrylics, watercolour, charcoal, pastel and collage and her work celebrates colour texture and form. She seeks her inspiration in everyday objects, landscapes and nature. Her work has a delightful freshness.

Now partly retired, she is able to devote more time to painting and has recently begun to exhibit her work more widely. This increased exposure has been rewarded by burgeoning sales. Her work is owned by collectors across the UK.

Gill’s full gallery can be seen here.

All three artists are exhibiting at Malvern Theatre for the first time.