We are delighted to welcome Kathryn Thomas to our exhibition space at The Knapp Gallery, Regents Park, London.

Through painting Kathryn attempts to create an image that seems different each time you look at it, depending on either your changing mood or your perspective. Through this changing image she wants you to be able to conjure an atmosphere or a feeling from your own experience, so the painting always involves you.

On a more universal level, Kathryn urges the viewer to become more aware of the power of nature and to see things simply and for what they are - realising our fleeting relationship with our planet.

Kathryn’s work will be on display throughout December at The Knapp Gallery, Regent's College, Inner Circle, Regent's Park, London NW1 4NS.

Click here to view Kathryn's full gallery of work.

For further enquiries contact us on 01666 505152.