This winter we're introducing an exciting selection of works by a talented group of artists to our exhibition space at The Malvern Theatres. ;
Martin Kelly

Martin studied Fine Art, video editing and TV camera-work at Manchester Polytechnic and Goldsmiths.
He exhibited paintings and wall sculptures at various group exhibitions at Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping, and the Waterloo Artists Co-operative (London). He has also painted sets and backdrops for theatres, trade shows, commercial photographers,  and TV ads.
Later he set up a special effects and set design company with five model makers and went on to art-direct national TV ads for companies such as: Yardley, Lego and Creda, design and paint large artworks for the Prima Pasta chain of restaurants and work on a series of interior design commissions.
He moved to Sydney where he exhibited paintings at the BPC gallery, Rushcutter’s Bay and the Wadi gallery, Bondi. While thee he made a series of short films and continued to paint sets, murals and design interiors. The work on show here represents a resurgence of interest in producing paintings. This is Martin’s first exhibition in the theatre. See Martin's full gallery here.


 Alison Johnson
Alison is originally from Sheffield. She moved to the Midlands 6 years ago and now lives in Kenilworth.
She gained a BA Hons degree at Sheffield University and is also a qualified nurse. Her work reflects experiences, which explore the power of nature and layers of inter-connectivity; anatomy and mortality; and the fragility of life.
She loves to create work that is decorative and surreal, feminine and sometimes sculptural. Alison layers her paint, building gestural marks. The Impressionists used the technique to create optical colour mixes – look at a close-up of a Monet’s “Haystack”.
Shape, line, and tonal values of colour create an effect beyond the façade. Her work is not limited to one particular subject although landscapes do dominate her work. Her favourite tools are palette knives, trowels and scrapers and large brushes. She prefers working in acrylic and/or oil paints but works in ink and watercolours are not rare. She loves experimenting with colour transparencies and textures. Balance in paintings attracts her, as long as the work does not become static. Light or the lack of it is important too. Colour preferences change as colours affect her mood and her mood influences her choice of colours. When people look at her work, she likes to give them the possibility of seeing everyday things through a new perspective. See Alison's full gallery here.

 Nicola Clare
Nicola studied Fine Art at Liverpool University. Her work explores her fascination with modern technology and the way in which the technological revolution plays a part in our everyday lives. Her work deals with topics such as communications, networks, navigation and technology. Images in her works derive from the study of Sat Navs, Circuit Boards, Sim Cards, Networks, Mobile Phone Icons, Resistors, Keyboards, and other current technology.
In her paintings Nicola likes to capture a moment in time (the present), believing that what she paints about now will no longer be recognizable in the future, as the technology continues to evolve.
She often uses repetition in her work and loves the patterns thus formed.
She revels in the use of colour and contrast, when representing both the highs and lows of living in a technological age.
Above all, Nicola’s work is fun! See Nicola's full gallery here.

 Andrew Francis
Andrew is a talented artist and writer. He trained as a graphic designer and worked for many years in public service communications. He lives in Gloucester with his wife and teenage son.
Drawing his inspiration from the counties around the English/Welsh border, he works in a variety of creative and design disciplines. Andrew paints in acrylics and is a pioneer of “dotism” – combining “broken colour” techniques and some elements of pointillism into a contemporary approach to British landscape painting. The works in this show are all in this style.
He creates landscapes in stained glass and his other activities include: writing, cabinet design and making, graphic design, web design, 3D design, playing and composing music, cartooning, letter carving, blogging and producing walking guides.
He is as close as you might get in the 21st century to Renaissance Man. See Andrew's full gallery here.