Our October/November exhibition at Malvern Theatres introduce three new and exciting artists for you to enjoy.  

Amanda Dagg

Amanda has been painting professionally for over five years. She paints every day in her studio in Neath, South Wales.  In that time, she has sold over 1500 paintings to collectors in the UK, USA, Canada, Cyprus, Rome, Greece, Malaysia, Spain and Ireland.

Her beautifully decorative paintings on canvas, utilise a variety of materials; mixing media to produce heavily textured works which suit contemporary interiors.

Her inspiration comes from nature and she is driven to develop uplifting paintings that are enriched with a positive and energetic vibe.

Owners of her work testify to the positive effect that owning one of Amanda’s paintings has on them on a daily basis. She produces many of her paintings in response to specific requests by clients. Commissions can be arranged through the artgallery.co.uk website.

This is the first time Amanda has shown in Malvern. Expect to hear more of Amanda in the future. See more of Amanda's work here.


Michael Giddins

Michael discovered he had a natural ability to draw and paint at an early age. He had little doubt that his enthusiasm for painting would frame his life.

He attended art-college on leaving school, but as an individual with his own style and vision, he found the experience less than helpful. He needed a more creative space and left to develop in his own way. As a result of this independence he has developed  a superb level of technical skill.

But, the charm of Michael’s work is in the whimsical characters of his imagination; conjuring wistful images of a mystical bygone age; sometimes light-hearted; sometimes with the darkness of fairytale. All of us can remember how dreams began with a bedtime story. See more of Michael's work here.



Teresa Poole

Much of Teresa’s work is inspired by Japanese screens and the artwork of the 17th and 18th century. She is concerned with the relationship between art and the viewer, and how a painting affects its surroundings and the emotions. She perceives nature through the eyes of the Japanese artist, not merely producing copies. The balance of a line is there for a reason, it has a beginning and an end, bringing balance and harmony to an image.

She uses metal leaf, colour and composition to realize these concepts, and to draw the onlooker into an enchanted more peaceful world.

The techniques used in Teresa’s unique paintings can be traced to her past work as a fine-arts restorer, interior designer, and mural painter. She was emotionally moved by the sense of history in the antiques on which she worked, experiences which provided her with a lifelong respect for the stylistic traditions in visual arts of all historical periods.

Although their forms may hearken back to traditional Asian designs, these are highly personal works, informed by her years of experience and love of all aspects of visual design. Her vibrant and daring mix of traditions and styles produces radiant art that is a powerful hybrid of Western visual strategies and Eastern tranquillity. See more of Teresa's work here.