The Maximum and Minimum Exhibition showcases the work of minimalist artist Jean Lagadec alongside the striking abstract work of Paresh Nshinga as well as introducing the unique glass mounted drawings by Robert Brain.

We hope that this new exhibition demonstrates how minimalist and abstract work can work together to great effect in any modern home.




Jean Lagadec
Raised and educated in Paris, Jean Lagadec’s artistic interest was nurtured in the 50’s, amongst the art and jazz communities on the Left Bank. His work is now recognised & selling internationally. Lagadec admits to an interest in the duality between the mundane and the supramundane. His modern creations, mainly based on classical mythological beings express a transcendental vision of abstracted beauty. The viewer must decipher abstract forms which, once the simple lines & hint of shadows are combined, crystallise into clearly defined images. He refuses to adhere to conventional methods of creating perspective but instead developed his own “entailles” (cuts into paper or canvas) technique. Alongside his modern, minimalist pieces, Lagadec has recently started working with charcoal/graphite & Venetian red/sanguine which, he says, was inspired by his new wife. In these more classical pieces, Lagadec still seeks to portray an abstract beauty, but in a more tangible, earthly form. Lagadec supports the Eastern concept that a work of art is finished only when you cannot take anything more out.
View Jean’s full online gallery here.

Paresh Nrshinga
Within the wild, exotic and mystic beauty of Africa, the spirit of an artist was born. Paresh Nrshinga was born in Kenya and at a young age he moved to the UK. After numerous years of extensive travels he is now based in Radlett, Hertfordshire. From early childhood, Nrshinga was already absorbing colours, movements and sounds, transforming them into expressions and motions onto his sketchbooks. His travels around the world combined with his deep spirituality influence his unique paintings, which are masterpieces of original and exceptional talent. Inspired by artists such as Pollock, Warhol, Klimt and Picasso, Nrshinga’s paintings reflect his flirtation with abstract expressionism. When viewing Nrshinga’s work, the spectator can immediately perceive how strongly the artist expresses his feelings, memories and struggles. Through his passion for music he developed a unique flair of transferring and transforming the energy of sound onto canvas in the form of colour and movement - thus, creating the most vibrant visual effects. Nrshinga is a versatile and perceptive painter. His brushstrokes are free and spontaneous, concentrating on texture, gesture and ecriture. He delivers an edge through the recreation of the medium of paint and the exploration of new fields of colour and abstraction. His paintings are an adventure of self-discovery. Nrshinga has exhibited widely in galleries in France, Italy and across the UK. The young artist’s work now features in many valuable private and corporate collections worldwide. He has worked together with established and prestigious brands such as Bang & Olufsen and has very successfully exhibited in London, New York, Dubai, Paris and Italy. His paintings are popular and continue to offer a unique experience of spirituality, music and passion through a journey of emotions and colours.

View Paresh’s full gallery here.


Robert Brain
After many years working as a College Lecturer in Art, I left the profession in order to further my own creativity.  I have since collaborated on many prestigious projects with renowned professionals including garden designer Julian Dowell, mosaicist Lucio Orsoni of Venice, glass artists Bradley Basso, and glass specialists Proto Studios.   It was whilst working with Bradley Basso on a large interior design project in London that I first encountered the exciting world of glass art and became fascinated with its creative possibilities.  Using the latest kiln firing technology to overlay my initial images onto glass, I am working at exploring and developing the interplay of light and shadow which is achieved by this technique. Part of my portfolio involves the firing of enamel onto toughened glass at high temperature - this makes it very stable and durable and therefore safe to display in an external location.  In this way the glass can be used for architectural projects up to 3m high and of any length.  I am available via The Art Gallery to discuss commissions. My work has been exhibited in the Business Design Centre and the Bankside Gallery in London, and in several regional galleries including The Art Gallery in Tetbury.  It is held in various private and corporate collections both in the UK and internationally.  All work available on the website is supplied with a backing board and is ready to hang.

View Robert’s full gallery here.



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