This Autumn we are pleased to welcome a group of unique contemporary artists to our exhibition space at The Malvern Theatres, Worcestershire. ;

Ed Chapman
Ed Chapman is one of the UK's top mosaic artists making works from all manner of materials from sugar cubes or vitreous glass to recycled paper and coins.
In his instantly recognisable style he is best known for the incredibly detailed results he achieves with his ceramic works, painstakingly creating his subjects using hundreds of fragments of hand-cut tile, as in the works on show at Malvern.
A professional artist for 10 years, Ed was the only contemporary artist to have work at Cancer Research's Abbey Road auction in 2009 where his ceramic portrait of John Lennon raised £4000 and in 2011 his unique portrait of Jimi Hendrix made from more than 5000 Fender plectrums sold for £23000.
Ed has exhibited throughout the UK and across Europe and the USA in New York and California and his work has a number of high profile collectors including renowned musicians, TV stars and television personalities (UK pop stars, England footballers, even Lemmy from Motorhead) and has received widespread media coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky TV and the international press; newspapers and magazines.

To see Ed’s gallery click here.  





 Paresh Nrshinga
Paresh Nrshinga was born in Kenya but at an early age moved to the UK. From early childhood, Nrshinga was absorbing colours, movements and sounds, transforming them into expressions and motions in his sketchbooks.
Inspired by artists such as Pollock, Warhol, Klimt and Picasso; his paintings reflect his interest with abstract expressionism.Through his passion for music, he developed a unique style; transferring and transforming the energy of sound onto canvas in the form of colour and movement - thus, creating the most vibrant visual effects. The six works on show in Malvern have already attracted much attention.
His work features in many private and corporate collections worldwide. He has worked with established and prestigious brands such as Bang & Olufsen and has very successfully exhibited in London, New York, Dubai, Paris and Italy. His paintings are popular and continue to offer a unique experience of spirituality, music and passion through a unique journey of emotion and colour.
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 Mark Cawood
 Born in the North of England, Mark moved south to commence formal training, studying Art and Design at Barking College, going on to graduate with an honours degree in Graphic Fine Art at the University of East London in 2000.
He has since concentrated on theme based projects, such as his collection of work covering the current issue of global warming and climate change. Each painting comprises a unique and perhaps alternative view of seascape artwork set within an environmental theme.
Mark says “Images are unpredictable, perhaps even erratic and no one can be sure what affect they will have on the viewer, but an image has the potential to evoke intense mood”
He regularly participates in group and solo exhibitions including venues such as the Liverpool Academy of Arts, the Cambridge Art Fair and Callow's Yard Gallery. This is his second showing in Malvern.

Mark’s full gallery can be viewed here.




 Rianna Lane
Rianna is an up and coming new star in the art world.
She graduated from Katharine Lady Berkeley's School, Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire in 2009 and is now at Northampton University, studying Fine Art and Advertising.
She specialises in portraits, having been painting seriously since around 2006. In that short time, she has staged three solo exhibitions, one in Wotton Under Edge, followed by another in Bristol and a third at Weston Park in Telford in February 2010.
She has also produced work for Bath Rugby Club and has a piece permanently displayed in the Welsh Rugby changing room at the Millennium Stadium. Rianna has also shown her work at Twickenham Stadium.
Her most recent exhibition was in February this year at Rhondda Heritage Park and was a series of Welsh Rugby portraits.
Her work is owned by (amongst others); Jonathan Webb - ex England Rugby International, Non Evans -  ex Welsh Rugby International and John Challis, better known as Boycie from Only Fools and Horses.
Buy now before a wider recognition moves prices upwards.
See the rest of Rianna’s work here.


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