This summer welcomes four new and exciting artists to our exhibition space at Malvern Theatres, Worcestershire.  

Tracy Jolly
Tracy started painting from a very young age - wherever she went she had a drawing pad and felt tips to hand! Art is her therapy. Tracy shuts herself off for hours on end and gets creative in her art studio, often listening to salsa music for inspiration.

Her work is unique, original and extremely tactile. She specialises in painting contemporary, semi abstract floral and seascape art and work mainly with acrylics, metallics and enamels. Most of her pieces are highly textured enabling the subject to somewhat jump off the canvas! Tracy creates this texture by mixing her own pastes and glues, then sculpt the shapes she desires onto the canvas, using palette knives.

Each painting is created using high quality mediums, signed and varnished to protect them from the elements. Tracy is inspired by the beauty of nature and particularly enjoys painting flowers and sunsets. Her main aim is to create pieces of art that are inovotive, dynamic and inspiring. See Tracy’s gallery here.


Nicola Clark
Nicola completed a BA Degree in Fine Art/Painting at the Central School of Art & Design, London. Her first employment after that was as an archaeological draughtsperson on digs in North Africa and Italy - perfect for developing drawing skills. She painted and exhibited in Munich, Germany during the early 80s and then travelled to India where she lived in a medical ashram for 7 years, illustrating and producing their monthly magazine.
Nicola returned to London in the early 90s and started painting portraits on commission, also gaining 3rd prize at the BP Portrait awards 1997. In 2001 she relocated to St Ives in Cornwall, became a singer/songwriter, producing illustrated booklets for her CDs and also illustrating books for a local publishing company.
Now in Gloucestershire since 2010, Nicola has returned to painting a favourite theme - racehorses and horses in general. She paints mainly in acrylics, concentrating on good drawing, free brushstrokes and powerful colour. Sometimes she abstracts the images to a certain extent in order to convey something of the beauty, energy and drama of the races and the horses themselves. See the rest of Nicola’s work here.

Paul Powis
Paul Powis trained as an abstract painter and became interested in landscape when he moved to Worcestershire from London in 1988. Since then he has become an internationally recognised artist with collections in America, Japan and Europe. As well as working extensively for galleries Paul works in publishing in the form of limited edition silkscreen prints, book covers, calendars and greeting cards.
Closer to home his work can be seen on permanent display in The Place To Eat restaurant at John Lewis, Bristol and in the Italian restaurant on board the Queen Mary II. Other clients include Harper Collins, Washington Green, Nouvelles Images and IKEA. His work is predominantly about subjective colour and vibrant mark-making. Paul often paints his landscapes in early morning or late afternoon in order to capture long shadows raking over fields and hills. Although his paintings are representational, they lean towards abstraction using constructional spatial devices in the composition, and use of subjective colour to describe space. He is married to the artist Sara Hayward. Click here to see Paul’s gallery.





Sara Hayward
Sara Hayward studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art at Oxford University before going on to study printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London. Sara has found inspiration from her travels abroad on the coast in Europe as well as closer to home on the shores of Great Britain. Sara also paints intimate studio still life as well as figuratively.
As well as working extensively for galleries Sara works in publishing in the form of limited edition prints, book covers, calendars and greeting cards. Other clients include Rosenstiel’s, Harper Collins, Washington Green, and the Arthritis Research Campaign . Her work is predominantly about subjective colour and vibrant mark-making. She is married to artist Paul Powis. See Sara’s full gallery here.

For more information about any of the artists featured here please contact us on 01666 505152  or email [email protected].

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