are pleased to welcome three new artists to our exhibition at The Malvern Theatres.

Viola McPhail

Viola McPhail, known also as McVayo, was born in Central Europe. From a young age she was exposed to different cultures of both Eastern and Western Europe. She travelled extensively admiring the architecture, traditions and the beauty of the natural environment, taking numerous photographs during her travels.

Later, she visited Australia and North Africa. Her inspiration comes from the vibrancy of hot climates and Mediterranean cultures. Her work portrays her memories of images from her voyages.She creates vivid compositions working with mixed media and vibrant acrylics, often enriched by gold and textural collage.

The works on show at Malvern are intensely personal and romantic. The richness of colour, texture and pattern attracts attention wherever her work is exhibited. You can see all of Viola’s work here.

Julie Bond

Julie’s interest lies in the beauty and complexity of nature. She has studied the natural sciences and the humanities and is fascinated in the way in which nature somehow seems to conform to certain mathematical patterns. The portrayal of light as is plays upon a subject; the energy of a living organism – these motivate and inform her work.

Her highly skilled paintings use traditional methods; building up richness through the application of layers of transparent glazes. Her portrayal of horses is particularly impressive. Her recent decision to paint full-time is sure to be successful. Click here to visit Julie’s gallery.

Gill Stokes
After studying Fine-Art, Gill went on to train as a primary school teacher, still painting and drawing in what little spare time she could find. She is now painting full time, and has had several solo exhibitions as well as exhibiting with local art societies. She paints mostly in Oils but sometimes in Acrylics. She is fascinated by the natural world and the way that the changing light alters the scene.

She likes to draw and paint outside whenever possible, but it is often more practical to make sketches and photographs and complete the painting in the studio.

Gill’s work is on a domestic scale. Owners of her paintings find that they bring a touch of the beauty of nature to their daily lives. You can find all of Gill’s work here.