welcomes three new artists to our exhibition space at The Malvern Theatres, Worcestershire... ;

Piotr Sochacki

Piotr is a Polish-born artist who comes from an artistic family. Both his father and younger brother painted. His artistic studies were in Warsaw; achieving his diploma with distinction in 1985.

The thing which strikes the viewer first is the warmth and richness of colour. These pieces are on a domestic scale. The technical competence and beauty of his work is reflected by the fact that Piotr’s paintings have been bought by collectors across Europe and the USA.

He has also been successful in selling to the International Health Care Company, Glaxo Wellcome.

Work in other styles can be seen on his personal webpage.


Melissa Sturgeon

Melissa’s paintings attract attention wherever she shows them. They are carefully observed examples of the most attractive examples of the built environment.

The initial attraction is in the deliberate selection of her colour palette and the rich juiciness of her technique. As the observer is drawn into the picture, the degree of detail impresses. She manages, nevertheless, to produce canvases which don’t overpower the viewer with so much detail that they are unable to stand back and enjoy the whole.

Indeed, you can see people standing very close to take in the detail and then standing back to experience the whole; and then close up again, and so on.

Inspiration is drawn from the UK and other parts of Europe.

Melissa also produces prints of her work which can be bought through the website.


Stuart Dalby

Stuart was trained as a carpet designer but went on to work full-time in Birmingham Art Gallery as Head of Design and Display in 1980, when the carpet manufacturing industry in the UK collapsed. He was painting druinf this time and two of his paintings were chosen for the 2007 Birmingham Open (from a field of thousands of submissions).

He retired in 2009 and now devotes his time to painting.

The paintings in this show are connected to the sea, either in its romantic form or akin to the picture postcards posted home to friend and family while on holiday on the coast. The latter have a quirky jokiness which brings a smile to all who see them.

Other of his works in a totally different style can be seen on his webpage.