This month's exhibition at The Malvern Theatres features the work of the following three artists;
Rumen Dragiev
Rumen is Bulgarian born, but lived in South Africa for many years, before moving to London 7 years ago. His style is colourful and energetic. His richly abstract works are produced entirely with the palette knife. His inspiration comes both from the natural world and from within his imagination. Colours explode from the canvas. Rumen's physicality in using his materials make his paintings extremely exciting. You will see very few works painted with more vigour.


Humph Hack
Humph studied Fine Art at Birmingham College of Art before teaching in High Schools in both Birmingham and Worcestershire.
While at school he had planned to become an architect but changed his mind in favour of pursuing his interest in two-dimensional art forms. He is a keen traveler and photographer. His travels across Europe and his continuing interest in architecture have led to regular public selling exhibitions, but the paintings in this exhibition use as their inspiration the interior of Worcester Cathedral.
His style, drawing from the works of many European painters, seeks to extract the dominant elements of a building, to revel in the quality of materials from which it is built and to present paintings which evoke the feelings of the observer when faced with “great architecture”.
Humph's work is in the Circle Bar.

Alison Chambers
Alison lives and paints in Malvern, but as you will see from her work, she gains inspiration from her travels much further-afield.
“Travels abroad often provide inspiration for my work; I am drawn towards structures and form (including the human form) with recent work focusing on cityscapes. I am also interested in reflections and the suggestion of interior lives (behind windows, around corners in narrow streets) – what we don’t see clearly, but we know, or think that we know is there.
I paint mainly in oils and prefer to work on a fairly large scale. My work is figurative but not literal; aiming to capture the essence of what interested me in the subject rather than to describe it literally.”
Alison has exhibited regularly with an artists' co-operative in Worcestershire, and in a variety of other venues.
Her commissioned work is held in a number of private collections.
She was successful in exhibiting in the Open Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London and in the Society of Women Artists’ Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, also in London.
Her closely observed Landscapes and cityscapes are a joy!