are pleased to announce the opening of our new exhibition at the Knapp Gallery, Regents Park, London. This exhibition features the work of two of our artists:  

Blanka Ciok is a young Polish woman with a lot to say about what matters in life and how individuals can relate to others but so often remain isolated.

The prints in this exhibition are partly inspired by conversations and theories around philosophy, the theory of existence and axiology. They reflect human melancholy and the isolation of the individual but they are also concerned with the passing of time.

Her techniques include state of the art lambda print technology, photography and digital image processing. Despite the contemporary nature of these techniques, her artworks are enriched with symbolism that contains art historical references.

Each of the prints evoke a dream-like surreal quality utilizing  subtly muted ink tones to strengthen a sense of drama.

The highly professional presentation of each print adds to the feeling that you are looking at something really very special.


Frank Pudney is a Fine Artist with a First Class Honours Degree from Norwich College of Art and Design, where he originally trained in illustration.

He now lives and works in London and Brighton. His main works are in oil, the original works of which he exhibits and sells regularly, also selling prints of his work within the U.K. and internationally.

Much of his work has been inspired by his travels around the world as well as his reflections on those times when the dream of travel is all he has had.

He has exhibited in galleries in Hull, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and several galleries in London, as well as in  New Zealand, Italy, Denmark, the USA and Shanghai.

He has produced illustrative work for a variety of publications including the artwork for the book cover of ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’ by Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate.


For more information on the Knapp Gallery, Regents Park, click here.