This exhibition showcases the talents of eight different artists. The work ranges from the traditional local landscapes of Christopher Hughes to the very tactile floral images of Tracy Jolly, with pretty well everything in style and price in-between. Three of the artists, Hester Coetzee, Claire Barone and Joanna Beal are amongst the top-ten best sellers from the on-line gallery www.artgallery.co.uk.
Visitors to the theatre will also see delicate works by Lesley Blackburn, striking prints by Andrea Moore and the richly colourful work of Alison Johnson. In short, there is something for everyone. All these artists have many more examples of their work on the website.
The most traditional is the work of Christopher Hughes. His training as a painter in the Royal Worcester factory, way before almost all production was sent abroad, shows a concern for detail that is a positive delight. His Malvern Hills works are renowned.  
At the other end of the artistic spectrum are juicy floral works by Tracy Jolly. Her technique, using acrylic and mixed media, literally jump of the canvas. She is a young and upcoming artist of whom you will hear more.  

Alison Johnson has exhibited at Malvern before. The pieces she is showing this time are somewhat larger, richer and have already attracted a lot of interest.  


The next three artists, Claire Barone, Joanna Beal and Hester Coetzee sell their works almost as quickly as they can paint them. Claire’s work is highly decorative and akin to free-form textile designs. Joanna has developed a style reminiscent of Vetriano’s work, yet entirely personal. Umbrellas play a large part in many of her works – set, it seems, at some time in the past. Hester continues to amaze in the brilliance of the colours which her works employ. Her subject matter varies but there is always a celebration of life and living.





There are two other artists represented. Andrea Moore is showing two limited edition prints; two dimensional presentations of very colourful low relief sculptures which have a strong structural quality. Lesley Blackburn is returning to the theatre. This time she is showing works which are altogether gentler than any other work on show.  






In total there are 37 works on show, on two floors in the theatre until 27 February, seven days a week from early ‘till late.