This September is delighted to welcome two of its premier artists to the Knapp Gallery exhibition in Regents Park.

Mick Rafferty
Mick Rafferty’s work is best described as eclectic. He regards it as a challenge to work within a variety of subjects, approaches and media whilst maintaining a consistency and a workable systematic and stylistic formula. Recent paintings exploiting the physicality of pourable paints, (Gravitas and Gravity Series) have been completed within the last three years. Beaucoup de Parfums is one such piece. All of these paintings are carried out with commercial gloss paints. The consistency and "pourability" of such paint render it the only medium suitable for the subject and content of these works. These pieces explore behaviour and consequence.
Mick Rafferty has exhibited in 25 locations in the UK, half of these One Man Shows, at locations including University of Warwick, Coventry University, Upton House; Poole and Leamington Spa.

 Paul Shiers
Paul Shiers paints predominantly in acrylic on canvas. He is self taught and has been experimenting with paint since he was very young. He finds that the more free his mind is when approaching a new painting, the more interesting and exciting the result is. For Paul, painting is not about creating an image of something, it is about conveying simple emotions on canvas. Colour, form and composition are everywhere in the modern world and sorting out a bad idea from a good one is very difficult, but there is a need to be free in what you create and not to worry about external opinions.