This month has the pleasure of displaying some beautiful pieces of art work in our latest exhibition at the Malvern Theatres.

Amanda Deadman

Amanda studied art, ceramics, textiles, design and photography from an early age and went on to gain a BA Hons degree in 3D Design and Photography at West Surrey College of Art and Design.
In the early 80's she started gliding and spent most of her time on airfields around the UK and France.  In 1985 she joined the Guild of Aviation Artists and has regularly exhibited with them at the Mall Galleries in London.

She has an ongoing love/addiction for depicting sweets and cakes and a fascination for the changing depth of focus when depicting still life in close up.

Amanda goes where her inspiration takes her however she continues to produce these vividly colourful still life paintings on a constant basis even when her other work is going through a black and white or monochrome phase. 

She works in acrylic on canvas, watercolour, and pastels and also produces digital art and photographs. She has both originals and giclee prints on canvas available.

Amanda has taught watercolours to adults and used to run the ceramics club at an independent school in Buckinghamshire.


Lesley Blackburn

Lesley was born and educated in Bradford, West Yorkshire. She took a Foundation Course in Art and Design at Wakefield School of Arts. There she studied graphics, photography, still life drawing and ceramics. Lesley went on to study fine Art and Sculpture at Winchester school of Art. She spent time in Venice studying Venetian architecture which remains a dominant feature in her work.

She has exhibited her work in a number of galleries since the early 1990's but has achieved most success selling through since joining the gallery over a year ago, becoming one of its best selling artists.

Lesley works mainly in an impressionistic style, almost exclusively in oils but gives a contemporary feel to her work. The landscapes exhibited here represent a small fraction of her output. Visit the website to see more.  


Natalie Toplass


Natalie was born in Cheshire but now lives in Shropshire. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire and later specialised in Stage Set Design at the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.

Since 2004 she has been working on a series of intricate flower and bird portraits, and has had a number of well received exhibitions throughout Great Britain including in the Judith Blacklock gallery Knightsbridge, two Cork Street galleries in London, the Birmingham City art gallery and the Royal Academy

Natalie’s paintings create an impact of emotion and atmosphere directly with the viewer, in their manipulation of texture, light and darkness.

Her work is often described as photorealistic but her interest is more with colour and richness of texture. The scale of her work is an important feature providing a fresh view of a common subject.

“My painting process is related to the luminosity between layers, the subject is just the starting point for an abstract study of transparency and form.”




Valerie Fulop

Valeria Fulop lives and works in Bristol. She was born and studied fine art in Hungary, influenced by its rich artistic culture, and history. As a child she started taking private lessons from recognized artists, and had her first solo exhibition at the age of 16.
Her professional education started at Art and Design College before moving on to a BA Degree in graphic design. She has had numerous solo exhibitions, and many of her artworks are in private collections. She started taking commissions for portraits and working as a painter, illustrator and graphic designer in 1998.
She works with various media from oil to digital painting always searching for new ways to express her spiritual views. She is inspired by nature, femininity, spirituality and tends to analyze the subject or model that she is working on. Her main purpose is to find that hidden inner beauty and restructure it within the work. As she mainly works from intuition and expression this will results in various styles and subjects in her work from abstract to figurative.






About Malvern Theatres
Nestling at the foot of the dramatic Malvern hills, Malvern Theatres is a major centre for the arts in the West Midlands. Home of the famous Malvern Festivals, founded by Bernard Shaw and Barry Jackson in 1929, the theatre has recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of a £7.2 million refurbishment. Hailed both locally and nationally as a model of artistic and architectural excellence, Malvern Theatres boasts a diverse programme of drama, comedy, music and dance involving the biggest names. It comprises three auditoria: the 800-seat Festival Theatre, famous for its programme of top touring drama and musicals; the Forum Theatre, a flexible space used for concerts and dance, as well as a 400-seat cinema. Visit the Theatre and see this exhibition yourself; you can see what’s on at the Theatres and the cinema here.