We are pleased to announce the opening of our latest exhibition at the Malvern Theatres featuring the work of three excellent artists.

Arie Coetzee

“When I dip my brush into paint, I dip it into my soul.” (Amos Langdown – a world renowned South African artist)

Born in 1962, Arie grew up in a small town in South Africa, in a family where art was always visible.

His inspiration is the exuberant colour of yellow wheat fields, blue rolling mountains, the emptiness of the countryside, the wide open skies filled with thunderous summer clouds and the friendly people of South Africa. All this is  visible in his work.

After winning his first art prize in a local art competition at the age of 11, it became a life long dream to be an artist. Throughout his education and later as a teacher, he worked in various painting styles, printing and sculpting to discover the genre in which he would be most comfortable.

After several small exhibitions and displays in local restaurants and shops, he developed a more expressive and impressionistic style. His work, employing emotionally charged thick brushwork, takes inspiration from the simplicity and naivety of Van Gogh, and from Rembrandt’s exquisite use of light and shadow; bright colours streak energetically across the canvas. Some works adopt a calmer, subtler use of colour but the richness of pure pigment and heavy application is often uncontrollable.

Arie has exhibited successfully at Francis Illes Gallery in Rochester and sells steadily on the internet.

Hester Coetzee

Hester Coetzee was born in 1948 in Tsumeb, Namibia and grew up in both Namibia and South Africa.

After graduating, with a Teaching Diploma and BA Degree, her teaching career took her from Potchefstroom to Pietersburg and later George on the South African Garden Route.
She is married with 3 children. She relocated to the UK in 2001 with her husband, also a teacher. Hester works in an impressionistic style, making her work both enjoyable and very collectable. Her love for nature and vibrant colour is apparent, but presented through a wide variety of subject matter.
A South African Artist currently residing in the United Kingdom with her husband Arie; she is among the top-ten selling artists of over 1700 artists that artgallery.co.uk represent.
She is currently working as a visiting artist in primary schools in the South East of the country.

This is the first opportunity to see her work in this area.

Mike Bagshaw

Mike Bagshaw was born in Salford.

When he was at school he was taken under the wing of the great Salford painter Harold Riley, a dedicated portrait painter, who has painted many prominent people from the Kennedys, various Popes, Royalty and Nelson Mandela.

Mike studied art in Leicester and London before a change of direction; graduating in psychology. He began work as a prison psychologist, before moving into commerce and becoming a business psychologist.

Since 2000 he’s being pursuing his interest in art again. His focus on portraits links with his work as a psychologist; good portraits allow a window into the personality.

He is a strong advocate of life drawing, practicing this aspect of his art as a member of a group which meets weekly. He now works as a freelance business psychologist, spending more time in his studio.

His work, in some cases, allows the viewer the opportunity to connect with the personality of the sitter. In other works, the individual represented stands for others who share the same thoughts or attitudes, however fleeting. He also enjoys the occasional forays into surrealist work, landscapes, and still-life paintings.

He may be commissioned for portraiture by contacting the website on 0844 879 7438.

About Malvern Theatres

Nestling at the foot of the dramatic Malvern hills, Malvern Theatres is a major centre for the arts in the West Midlands. Home of the famous Malvern Festivals, founded by Bernard Shaw and Barry Jackson in 1929, the theatre has recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of a £7.2 million refurbishment. Hailed both locally and nationally as a model of artistic and architectural excellence, Malvern Theatres boasts a diverse programme of drama, comedy, music and dance involving the biggest names. It comprises three auditoria: the 800-seat Festival Theatre, famous for its programme of top touring drama and musicals; the Forum Theatre, a flexible space used for concerts and dance, as well as a 400-seat cinema. Visit the Theatre and see this exhibition yourself; you can see what’s on at the Theatres and the cinema here.