"The Joy of Movement and Colour" exhibition at the Knapp Gallery in Regents College, in the heart of the beautiful Regents Park, London is showing the works of two of our artists, Wendy Hyde and Jurgen Dabeedin. This is one of our regular exhibitions in the Knapp Gallery where we also have two students from the Royal Academy Schools displaying their work. 

Wendy Hyde, who studied Fine Art at Coventry University in the 1990's, is displaying many of her latest colourful abstract pieces. Wendy has been particularly influenced by Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline. Her inspiration also comes from the world around - she takes colours from the land, sky and sea and generally paints whilst listening to music which also bears down on the finished artwork. Wendy is a very thoughtful artist who has exhibited her work throughout the West Midlands and has undertaken commissions for several of her collectors. Please take the opportunity of visiting the gallery to see her work "live" or of course her online gallery here.

Jurgen Dabeedin is an outstanding and innovative photographer. A scientist by training, Jurgen's photography is born out of his fascination with light and colour. All his images are of real objects, he uses no special effects on his work but the effect he achieves is very special indeed. Each photograph has a hidden secret which causes the viewer to study carefully the incredibly beautiful results. Jurgen is an associate member of the Royal Photographic Society his limited editions can be produced on paper, professionally framed and presented or for a stunning contemporary effect they can be acquired bonded into acrylic. His colourful imagery is set off brilliantly in the Knapp Gallery setting where visitors are welcome or see his photographs online here.

We have been supported again at this exhibition by students of the world renowned Royal Academy Schools. One is a very talented photographer and the other is able to create wonderfully delicate and intricate drawings. 

"The Joy of Movement and Colour" exhibition will be running throughout April to mid-May so why not visit the Knapp Gallery which is next to the college reception accessed by the main entrance in York Gate, just on the corner of the Inner Circle.

Photographs from "The Joy of Movement and Colour" at the Knapp Gallery