Our latest exhibition at the Malvern Theatres complex in Great Malvern, Worcestershire features three excellent artists creating a display of artwork that has something for everyone.

Ken White has a remarkable story. Born in Swindon in 1943 he left school at the age of 15 to work at the Great Western railway following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He took an interest in art and studied in the evenings to achieve an art A-level following which he moved to London to become a commercial illustrator. His big break came when he met a young entrepreneur called Richard Branson – Richard was so pleased with a mural that Ken painted for him in his London recording studio that he retained him as his personal mural artist for 26 years. Indeed, the “Scarlet Lady” featured on the nose of every Virgin aircraft is Ken’s most recognised work. The work on display in the Malvern Theatres is however reminiscent of his days in the railway yards, full of atmosphere and very distinctive. We would recommend that you visit the theatre restaurant and enjoy Ken’s art.

Worcestershire based artist Humph Hack returns to the theatres with some of his local scenes including lovely depictions of Malvern Priory. Humph studied Fine Art at Birmingham College of Art and is equally adept painting the human form as well as architectural structures. He has also produced a number of excellent works reflecting another of his interests, musical instruments. Humph has been a successful artist on artgallery.co.uk for sometime collecting consistently outstanding customer feedback and we’re delighted that he has joined our team to help co-ordinate exhibitions at the theatres complex.

In the Circle Bar area there is a splendid range of work by Susy Casillas. Susy has studied art in Mexico, North America and Japan and is interested in representing the world around her, especially as she captures the wonderful structures of living plants and explores human behaviour as she says herself her Mexican blood brings an intense personality to the canvas.   

 Photographs from Malvern Theatres


Artworks by Ken White


More of Ken's work


Humph Hack's artworks


Artworks by Susy Casillas