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September 2011

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Zita Abreu

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Zita Abreu is a sculptor and abstract artist with a vibrant and fresh talent for capturing form. She uses a range of media to convey energy, movement, light and tone. Her abstracts harness feeling and imagination making them a captivating centre piece for any environment. Her vivacious use of colour draws the attention and holds it. One can find ones self searching her paintings many times for their meaning, each time finding something new. Many of her abstracts are inspired by natural forms while others are extravagant tantilising displays of colour and texture. The media which Zita uses for her sculptures are clay, plaster and bronze. Many of her sculptures are of people, she has a unique talent for conveying the human form. Her interest in art developed from charcoal drawings of people which she began as a young teenager. Due to the plasticity of clay for plaster and bronze casting Zita is able to capture the energy and life of her subjects with more ease than is possible with other media. Throughout her artistic career she has developed her technique, style and use of many different media so that she is able to produce sculptures and paintings which are both unique and beautiful. Her current focus is on promoting, exhibiting and selling her sculptures throughout Europe, the middle east and the united states, much of her work comes from commissions as well as self inspired projects.


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