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United Kingdom

November 2016

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Yassine Zine

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A little bit about me…… Originally from France, I have mixed heritage with my mum being French and my dad Algerian, In my late 20's I moved to London wanting to find myself. My journey and my experiences in life are an expression of this and can be seen in the depth of my more complex work and has always been a source of inspiration. I am a self taught artist, who is currently a resident artist at an auction house in Chelsea, London. My work is both modern and futuristic, NOW and TOMORROW. Often edgy, bold and dynamic. I like my pieces to have many dimensions to them both literally and to the eye of the viewer, my work often contains hidden meanings and cryptic messages. I put huge emphasis on quality, attention to detail and customer service. Each piece is a signed original printed on stretched canvas and come in various sizes as listed. I hope you find something that inspires you, for others: a conversation starter and a piece you will treasure for years to come. Thank you for your interest.


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