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May 2016

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Yary Dluhos

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I am based in California - USA. I began drawing and painting at the age of 6 when my father would write in his journal, I would create illustrations to accompany his words. I was born and grew up in an area of the Czech Republic considered by many to be a center of culture. The year was 1944, and the city is named Olomouc. Its history dates back to the 10th century AD when it became an important trade crossing-point. It has the second most significant collection of historical monuments in the country after Prague. The second oldest university in the Czech lands was founded in Olomouc in the year 1573. Strongly influenced by the historical and picturesque ambiance of my native Olomouc, I soon began to paint and draw early in my childhood. I knew my talent was special. It was evident to me throughout my young life. I saw the beauty in things. I saw shapes and colors and textures and only sought to create works that reflected and conveyed the warmth and beauty I saw. All my formative years spent drawing and painting finally culminated with my acceptance to the renown art school in Uherski Hradiste, in the Czech Republic. This was to be the beginning of many successes. All techniques in various mediums became a love, and in those joyful years of school, my passion drove me to enter various contests and competitive exhibitions where I won numerous awards, being recognized as one of the finest emerging young painters in my specialized medium technique. It was the pure aquarelle watercolor technique that became a favorite of mine. Impressionist transparency with soft hints of opaque coverage characterizes this style that few master well. My creativity and softness of brush, however, lends itself well to oil as well, evidenced throughout the wide range of subject matter I paint. Portraiture, still life, landscape, and figures all contributed to my prominence in Uherski Hradiste. Immediately upon graduating, I was hired as a commercial artist. However, my love and interest remained with my paintings and drawings, and three years later I went back to freelance art to pursue my career as a fine art painter. I split my time now between the US and Europe where California inspires me with the abundance of natural beauty from the desert to the seaside , it pervades my paintings and provides me with inspiration for much of my work. Our home in the city of New York gives me the energy and inspiration for the urbanscapes I adore, but our home in London is our base for most of my travels throughout historic Europe, and the feeling is always one of coming home! Education: 1959-63 Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art, Ceramics The School of Fine Art, Uherski Hradiste


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Product : Great! Just what I wanted.

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