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Member of the Institute of Physics (MInsP)

United Kingdom

MSc Earth Science
BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences
Maturità Artistica (A-level equivalence in Art, Architecture, History and Italian)

December 2014

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Wolfango Chiappella

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I’m a British/Italian artist painting British and Italian stuff, people and their landscapes, from the Chilterns of England to the Langhe of Piedmont. From the Lake District to the Alps. I’m passionate about art, science and making things with my hands. Before becoming a full-time artist, I trained in art and architecture in Italy, where I worked for various art and design studios. I am also a dedicated learner and I have studied at postgraduate level astrophysics and geoscience in the UK. The reflective nature of my artworks is autobiographical, I depict lived life, transcending hyperrealism by simplifying the form with the modulation of light. My artistic process is not experimental research for new artistic mediums, but rather a refinement of my medium of choice, oil. I interpret my art as a daily exercise stimulated by the oil’s flexibility. Art as an extension of life ought to be truthful and honest. I, as an artist, am a storyteller and my novels are written in painting form. A little window into my life experiences. I paint to remember, to fix a sensation I want to share with you. If any of my freshly painted emotions™ coincide with yours, please feel free to make it your own and join my ever-growing number of collectors. www.wolfango.art




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