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June 2008

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Wendy Hyde

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Based in the Midlands area I studied Fine Art at Coventry University in the 1990's, attaining my degree. Afterwards qualifying to teach and teaching Life Drawing skills to Foundation level students and other Accredited Course work. I now paint full time. I paint in an Abstract Expressionist way, painting not what I see of the visible world, but how I feel it to be. It is not a literal description of a place, but a feeling of a place and how one is effected by that environment. My inspiration comes from the landscape, skyscape, seascape, music that I listen to (classical, rythm and blues, jazz) or colours that I see in every day life. I like to work on a large scale as this allows me more freedom of movement and to be experimental.My preferred medium is oil on canvas. 'The paintings are allowed to happen to come into being.' Artists who inspire me, Willem de Kooning for the fluidity of the paint and the power of the brushstrokes. Mark Rothko whose colours envelop you in a vast smothering embrace. Franz Kline, his paintings elbow their way through the room in which they are hung. Rembrandt for his love of flesh and deep understanding of knees! Van Gogh for caring so much. Quotes that stay with me: 'A finished painting is - or should be- a reminder of what not to do again' Elaine de Kooning. 'A painting without black is like food without salt ' E de Kooning 'If you can't keep looking at a picture it should be destroyed' Hans Hoffman 'A strong picture constantly shows up new ideas' H. Hoffman 'A picture should be made with feeling, not knowing' H. Hoffman. 'A shape can be sad or gay, a line delirious' H.Hoffman. 'When I start (painting) I don't know what's going to happen. I begin by resisting what I think I already know, to find what I did'nt know I knew' Elaine de kooning. 'Painting is the best game I've ever played' Frank Auerbach. There are many more great artists and quotes that I could mention, but that will suffice for now only to say that I am always 'looking back' and their great art inspires me to continue with the great passion of painting. I thank you for looking at my work. Kind Regards Wendy Artist News/Exhibitions: Work being shown on Channel 4 'Ugly House to Lovely House' George Clarke Spring 2019 Exhib., at the Temple Gallery Birmingham Exhib., at Poole Meadow House, Solihull West Midlands. Private Commission piece for Emma Hart Interior Design Private Commission for G.M office of Marriott Forest of Arden . Private commission for Landseer Design and Innovation. Exhib., at the Malvern Theatres Worcs Exhib., at The Knapp Gallery Regents Park London Exhib., at Art & Wine Warwick Invited to Exhibit; at Florence Biennale December 2011 Gallery Representation in New York 2011. Exhibiting work at Art Fair's, Pall Mall London - October 2011 Exhibiting work at GRAND DESIGHNS show 5th - 13th May 2012 Exhibiting work at Affordable Art Fair Bristol 17th - 20th May 2012


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