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United Kingdom

December 2019

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Wendy Anne Fraser

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I paint and draw for fun. Ever since I started riding as a four year old I always yearned to draw horses , but never had the confidence to really work at it until I retired. Then I discovered realistic drawing techniques from Mike Sibley. This detailed method of drawing feels to me as if I'm sculpting the horse and I can 'feel' the contours as I draw. Each time I pick up a pencil or a brush I learn something new. I also paint in various media when I find a subject that inspires me. My artwork is sold unframed but it will usually fit a standard sized frame of your choice.


"I am thrilled to have had my drawing 'Is It Safe?' selected for the Annual 2020 Exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries, London, from Feb 20 to 29."


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