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United Kingdom

August 2008

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Warren Green

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Warren's love of art began at a very early age. He went on to study Art & Design at Wigan College for three years, he has become skilled in many areas of art and design, such as life drawing, painting, textiles, ceramics and photography. He now specialises in painting and drawing.Warren lives in the North West of England. He has completed a post graduate PGCE teaching qualification in Applied Art and Design at Edge Hill College. His fondness of painting in oils and acrylics has enabled him to develop his own distinctive style. By using oil paints on board and stretched canvases, Warren can produce colour and monochrome landscapes of sunsets and moon reflections over water in a variety of shapes and sizes. His use of moody and misty illusory reflections combines to produce wonderful calming compositions. Whilst, in contrast, Warren also creates a varied range of wonderfully exciting artwork on canvas and textured board. Warren can produce various types of artwork for commission to a broad range of commercial fields, such as artwork for the home, hotels, bars, restaurants, apartments, hospitals and offices. Warren's artwork is fuelled by the use of imaginative ideas and dynamic colour studies. His artwork takes him on a limitless journey, as he is constantly developing new ideas and techniques to utilize in his artwork. Warren's pieces are in great demand - his work is already held in private collections and he is surely a name to watch out for in the future. If you want to request a private commission, Warren would be happy to produce a one off piece of artwork.


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