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Exhibited at '13 The Gallery' in London
Exhibited at The Bricklane Gallery In 2021

United Kingdom

Arts University Bournemouth

September 2020

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Vivek Mandalia

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Brought up in West London, Vivek Mandalia has always been painting since college. A fascination with space and film sets lead Vivek to pursue a degree in interior architecture before he chose to solely focus on making original art for himself. Vivek’s style has changed over the last 7 years from minimalist landscapes to more impressionist work where his work appears expressive and intuitive. Vivek allows his work to evolve naturally, picking up on his intuitive nature to direct the composition and subject of the painting. Naturally, Vivek developed a style of painting that exploits the thickness of oil and acrylic paint - impasto; meaning ‘to paste’ in Italian. Big, bold brushstrokes and the slash of palette knife, laden with oil paint, is where Vivek sees opportunity and expression. Instilling this new dimension into his work was a fabulous opportunity to see what more his art can offer. The subject of flowers, fruit and landscapes have been commonly dominant in his portfolio of work. He loves to start with a simple composition, and allow his intuitive nature to take over, and that’s where he says the magic lies.


The joy of my clients is what drives me to keep producing artwork. At the same time, leaving traces of my existence in the from of art is such a euphoric thought which enables me to continue this creative journey


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