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January 2018

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Viktoriya Gorokhova

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Life inspires me to create. And creating is the meaning of life. Let my art be your inspiration! Inspiration is a very important thing for all of us. When we are inspired we are more productive, we create more and have more energy. I would like my art to be people's inspiration in their everyday life, to follow their journeys on this planet. Personally i can not paint if i am not inspired. I know that inspiration is most important for people of creative professions, but also for everybody else inspiration is what moves our lives, what pushes us to discover, to try new things, to create new objects, to try new experiences. It is extremely powerful feeling and it is what makes humanity to evolve, to move forward in all our spheres of life. I wish my art can inspire people, can make them experience a journey of colors mixed with feelings and emotions while looking at my artworks as much as i enjoy it while making my art and when looking at finished piece. My sources of inspiration are: nature, trips, art, fashion magazines, people, life itself. I hope my art can bring some joy and inspiration into your life! I am a full-time professional artist, selling my artworks worldwide for already 7 years. I was born in Russia, but currently living in Italy.


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