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United Kingdom

June 2008

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Victoria Stanway

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After completing art school many moons ago I left my creative pursuits behind (reluctantly) to get a proper job. Years of passive consumerism began to take its toll. Instead of having a mental breakdown I decided to channel years of unresolved angst into a creative outlet and started painting imagined townscapes, based on my origins in a impoverished northern milltown. The theme evolved, as did the style, ranging from expressionism to the surreal. After this initial outpouring and painting frenzy I accumulated enough work to fill a gallery and began exhibiting locally and nationally. I later found online representation which resulted in all of the original series in private collections throughout the UK, Europe, the Far East and America. My work has continued to evolve. My most recent body of work has ventured into the figurative, with subject matter ranging from humorous domestic scenes, quirky consumerism to darker visions of childhood bogiemen.


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