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United Kingdom

May 2015

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Victoria Coleman

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Victoria has led a diversely creative life after achieving a degree in metalwork and jewellery she then began a career in the prop making industry where she enjoyed making costume props on Star Wars and Gladiator, fabricating crazy critters at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in Camden and painting Disney characters to go in their flagship stores around the world. She then left her freelance job and started a business making quirky soft furnishings but now she is happiest painting at home in Shropshire with her two wirehair dachshunds, Springer Spaniel and cat for company. Her painting technique is all about the detail. She uses water based scenic artist’s paints and an air brush to capture the character and textures of her subjects. However, the prop maker in her never left and last year she began dabbling in the world of sculpture creating a range of paper clay based mixed media sculptures which technically offer a looser almost sketchy approach in contrast to her paintings. As she was brought up surrounded by dachshunds and chickens it is no surprise that animals are her favourite subject. Her love for dogs and all things furry or feathered runs deep and shines out in her work. Victoria’s paintings are often bold and can be a little humorous, you might find yourself looking straight into the steely gaze of a bear or cat or alternatively you could have just caught the eye of a dog in a dress or a chicken sitting in a trolley.


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