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Name badges for different Starbucks stores
Personalised cups as Christmas presents

United Kingdom

High school of Art - A. Alciati, Vercelli- Italy

June 2021

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Blackophelya has a classical training thanks to art high school, back in Italy. Never found a “real job” with her artistic’s skills in Italy, she start to working in hospitality, enviroment where she sticks after moving in London, in 2014. Blackophelya is a Day dreamer, raised by strong women closed in a patriarchal world, shy and definitely not confident about herself. She starts to take seriously her work and skills thanks to the support of friends, always ready to give her inspiration and feedback, and her barista’s work, where she paints for colleagues’ name badges from all over London. This new confidence reflects in her work, full of flowers, delicate but with a strong symbolism and bodies that aren’t scared to show their desires. Her technique is result of lessons coming from a different past and new ones that want to show her true self.


“There comes a point when you either embrace who and what you are, or condemn yourself to be miserable all your days”


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