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June 2018

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Umberto Zive

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Umberto, stage name Zive. Young Pop artist and Street Art born in Milan. Attends the Milan Art school Umberto Boccioni Born with a passion for graffiti that creates in urban and suburban environment evolves his passion on other supports ranging from cardboard to plywood, from multilayer to canvas with different sizes and techniques. He focuses on the realization of a long-meditated project creating his fabulous money cycle in which the eclectic and creative artist conceptually depicts the power of money in all its declinations. In parallel to the works of the Money cycle he dedicates himself to the creation of pictorial assemblies on sculptural supports customizing with his chromatic colours creating the Custom body and original materials such as the use of LEDs like the shining body. He also dedicated himself to the creation of cycles such as "Star Money" or DiabolikArt ". Artist numbered in the contemporary art book edited by Silvia Landi and distributed by Feltrinelli.


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