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I began to spend three months of each year in Port Elizabeth South Africa and nine months in England promoting my work. I am a figurative painter my work often has metaphysical content my style occasionally influenced by the American artist David A Leffel. During 2006 I opened my own website tom.batemanart I featured in the artist of the Eastern Cape Manual Solo exhibited at Grahamstown University Solo exhibited at the red door gallery in Port Alfred exhibited in various galleries in Port Elizabeth including Port Elizabeth St Georges gallery Galleries in Knysna, Bathhurst and Somerset West Cape Town In England I have exhibited at the Ely Babylon art gallery Ely Malting and Cambridge Art society

United Kingdom

I was educated at Arthur Head Comprehensive School and awarded a government grant to attend Middlesbrough Art school shortly before my 16th birthday. When attending art school I quickly realized that expenses at the art school were beyond my reach knowing that I would not get financial help from my step father I pulled out of art school and accepted an apprenticeship as a sign writer, during my apprenticeship I decided that the form of work that I was doing did not meet my need for fine art. At the age of 18 during my home time I began painting using oil paint and developed my skill. 1971 we moved to South Africa and I worked for a small sign writing company that did art work for Cinema|’s and the local council, the owner of the business quickly recognized my art skill and I soon became responsible for that work. I enjoyed the work however there was no medical aid and having two small children that became a problem so I looked for alternative employment. January 1973 I began working for ICI at their textile factory in Port Elizabeth as a colourist. I was sent to the local collage what is now called Nelson Mandela University studying chemistry after three and a half years I completed a National Diploma majoring in Analytical Chemistry. Throughout the following years I spent my career in the Paint or Textile industries during this time I gained increased knowledge in the use of colour, working as a development chemist or colourist but persisted in oil painting and selling them whenever I could. 1998 while working for ICI paint division I purchased one of their paint stores and quickly involved my wife and two daughters, son in law and eventually grandson in that business. I soon I began to find more time to paint Finally in 2006 I began to paint full time in my own studio and sought technical help from South African artists BA Moolman and Gregory Kerr who has a doctorate in art criticism.

January 2021

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Tom Bateman

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2015 I decided to close my website and began to some extent working in isolation. I concentrated on painting portraits for clients in South Africa, Australia, America, England and demonstrated portraiture painting to various art groups. When I first began to paint using oil paint, I would use oil from the start to completion of the work. 15 years ago I began to use Acrylic paint, I would use the Acrylic at the start of the painting to form the basis of the work once the layout was completed I would would continue to completion using oil paint. Towards the end of 2019, I became interested in Abstract modern art. During 2020 this lock down year due to Covid 19 I became particularly inspired by work of Austrian contemporary painter Voka and began to paint once again in earnest. I now changed my style of painting using Acrylic paint from start to finish enjoying the spontaneous approach to my work and the use of vibrant colour. These latest work being large brightly coloured portraits ranging from well known celebrities such as David Attenborough and Martin Luther King Jr. I try to keep all explanation of my work as simple as possible and endeavour to explain the content and the reason for completing the work so that the viewer has an understanding of my intention.



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