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United Kingdom

December 2017

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Tom White

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I have worked as an artist and sculptor for many years I have explored creating items in clay, plaster, concrete, and metal. I have worked as a freelance sculptor and mould maker, making masters and moulds. I taught myself how to do 3d modelling and I have been working as a freelance 3D game artist for the last seven years. I have also gained a degree in computer game design in which I received two firsts. Looking to always evolve my knowledge and techniques, I have now embraced electroforming. Having had a successful career as a 3d artist working with major game studios such as Hasbro and Marvel Transformers, I deeply missed the act and art of sculpting. This with my love of nature and wanting to respond to my environment I have gone from the digital to the physical. Now working with real leaves and seeds and electroforming I capture moments of nature creating one off pieces of art, drawing inspiration from the ancient oak wood that I walk in every day with my four legged assistant. I have developed a new technique that makes an organic item conductive which makes Electroforming possible while still retaining all the wonderful beauty of nature in its finest detail. Electroforming an object is a similar process to electroplating a gold or silver ring. The main difference being is Electroforming can take weeks whereas electroplating can be done in minutes or seconds.


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