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United Kingdom

March 2008

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Tom Tomos

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Most of my work has at least some figurative element to it - but I allow that that might not always be obvious! The sea and the landscape are my abiding interests. I sail a yacht from Cardigan and so my perspective on coastal views and seascapes is often from an unconventional viewpoint. I am particularly interested in the long-lasting effect of human activity on the landscape. That explains my present preoccupation with castle ruins, old farmsteads and the managed rural mountainscapes that feature amongst my current work. My style is my own, but I am greatly influenced by the work of other British painters; Bomberg, Lanyon, Heron, Jarman. I am a colourist rather than a formalist. I have a deep interest in the work of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in respect of his 'Remarks on Colour'. I have a BA and an MA in music and a PhD in the philosophy of music. I am experimenting with video montages of my paintings and epaintings to accompany music in installations.



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looks just as it did online. I love it.

Submitted by angharad j 13/10/2014


Submitted by angharad j 13/10/2014