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United Kingdom

January 2015

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Tom Carter

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I am a painter living in Thornbury. I came into the world almost 73 years ago, being born in Hartlepool, a steel-working town on the heavily industrialised North East coast of England. I studied art at Hartlepool, but didn’t take it up as a career, choosing to work in food and chemicals instead. After marrying, my wife and I moved from Hartlepool to Kings Lynn, Norfolk, where I worked for Mars Foods. That lasted 5 years after which, in 1981, we moved to Thornbury, to work with a family owned company in Bristol. We have lived in Thornbury for more than half our lives. Both our children, Hannah and Ben were born here and now they each have children of their own, Finlay, Caitlin, Leo and Josh. I took up art again 15 years ago at my wife’s insistence, at first painting for friends and family. I have been quite successful building a small following locally and have sold a few pictures in the USA. I paint things that take my fancy, not specialising in any particular subject. I undertake commissions, generally for portraits of animals and people, though I do paint a wide variety of subjects including still life, land and seascapes.


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