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December 2017

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Thierry Vobmann

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I practice painting since childhood. It is my mother who is a painter, who taught me the basics. Since 2006, I have entered the professional circuit in which I participated in international exhibitions including Artexpo in New York and Le Louvre in Paris. I also participated in art books and the quotation book Drouot. Today, I dedicate more time to work on the Internet because, I think this recent support for the art, is very promising and interesting. My art practice : Since 2006, I left the real image to achieve total freedom: the abstract. No more reassuring but reducing frame of the model. Place to the representation of the impalpable! There is no limit, except those I have set myself, to apply to the abstract classical rules of perspective, shadow and light, as much as possible. I use the acrylic paint which, by its rapid drying, makes it possible to finalize a canvas while preserving the state of mind of the moment. Like a dancer who leaves the trace of his gestures in the space that surrounds him, the use of the palette knife marks the imprint of all the movements that led to the completion of the work . This gestural testimony gives an incomparable expressiveness compared to the use of the brush alone, the difficulty being to master the gesture, to dose the momentum to its right measure. The canvas then becomes the starting point where the forms, the colors, which radiate and express themselves throughout the room are concentrated like a sound, a ripple in the water. The gesture initiated on the canvas is projected into space far beyond its physical support. That is my quest. I offer you the starting point from which you can let the artistic enthusiasm burst deep within you. It is up to you to open up your eyes and your heart in order to let your soul elaborate its own vision of the canvas. This is the magic of the abstract, each spectator receives the material he will use to finalize his personal perception of the work. Drop to freedom, it's sublime! I wish you a good visit and hope to make you dream a little.


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