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October 2015

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Tatiana Zappa

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Tatiana was born in 1982 in a small town in the central part of Russia. The craving for drawing is manifested in early childhood and she always carried a paper with pencils and sketched something. Her parents wrote her to an art school. From the age of 8 she attends primary school in the daytime, and in the evenings she learns drawing in an art school. At the age of 17, both schools finish perfectly and in the finals there is a group exhibition with the participation of her works. She enters the University on the speciality "Architecture and Design of Buildings", among the items required to attend graphics and painting. At the University there are constantly exhibitions of paintings of students and her works occupy the first places. Having received a degree of mastery in architecture with honour, she begins to work as an architect, parallel she does many a sketches and drawing graphics of buildings. Her first paintings were sold together with the house, built according to her drawings, the paintings were as decor elements. In 2014 she moved with her family to Barcelona. It begins a period of Spanish landscapes and seascapes, is travelling a lot around the country trying to show all the emotions on the canvas. Her paintings glow with bright colours and clear images. At this time, Tatiana begins to exhibit their paintings in Europe in the galleries of Edinburgh, Madrid, Barcelona, ??San Sebastian. Opportunities for sales around the world are opening and the most common destinations are England, Australia, United States of America. Working in the style of realism, she sometimes experimenting with form and colour and texture, moving into impressionism. In 2017 she tries himself in hyperrealism, the still-lifes and the portraits are born with amazing clarity and detail. During her years in Barcelona, she participated in several international exhibitions and was awarded medals and prizes for the presented works.


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