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April 2019

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Tatiana Rezvaya

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Tatiana REZVAYA. UK Born in 1943 in the USSR. My mother - Klaudia Osheva, a professional artist, so from my early years I got grips of what "a magic of creativity" means. My father- Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Ornithologist - hence my passion for birds and Nature as a whole. Childhood and teen ages - ballet studio, piano classes, art studio; expeditions into wilderness and mountains with my father and to plein-air with mother. Graduated from the University, specializing in Roman-German philology. But years passing by, painting kept calling upon me... I “surrendered”, decided to change my profession, and being as I dreaded to be an amateur, I got the second education at Odessa College of Arts "Grekovka". Started to exhibit in 1972, while studying at the college. It was followed by numerous local, nationwide, All-Soviet Union and international exhibitions. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1986. Preferred media - oil on canvas. Preferred genre - figurative art, compositions of "more than one approach". They demand knowledge of the whole spectra of genres - portraits, landscapes, still-life, - only then your fantasy is not limited by any inner barriers. Worked in graphics, ceramics, murals and as a theatrical designer - an art-director and costume designer for several productions of Odessa Drama Theatre. It pleases me that my paintings are in the private collections in dozens of countries of the World, from Japan and Australia via Europe to both coasts of the USA. Two portraits created by me are in the collection of the Royal Geographical Society, London


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