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United Kingdom

May 2017

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Tabatha Gravener

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A childhood in Cornwall, I have lived in rural France, West coast Ireland and on water in Hertfordshire. Now back in the wild west country my current practice is interested in the way I understand the visual world. I explore this theme by visiting a place or looking at a form and making sketches. Later in my studio I reflect on what I remember. The mood and feeling of what was, is very important to my work. In doing this I aim to create a representation of my understanding of a place in a fuller sense. My work is as varied as my life experiences. Patter, colour, movement and form are reoccurring themes. I have been a producing artist since 1999. My largest sculptural work can be seen at the entrance of the University of Hertfordshire 'Spiral Bridge', Various commissions for restaurants and bars speckle the towns I have lived in.


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