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United States

July 2016

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Svitlana Ziuhanova

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Hello! My name is Svitlana, I am an artist, interior designer and architect. When emotions are overflowing me I paint pictures, without rules and regulations. All my brush movements arise from my feelings, sensations and come out of my heart and soul. I don't know exactly when painting is completed. It is finished, when I enjoy looking on the picture and feel personal satisfaction. Sometimes I like to paint abstract paintings, I think this is opening peoples imagination and this is cool! Sometimes I like to paint my vision of something natural, what I saw one day in our wonderful world. Each of my painting is sincere and unique. To my mind art work creates an atmosphere and brings something special in our space. I like to imagine which kind of art would be perfect in each interior for particular person. I am very glad that my paintings found their owners in Ukraine, Switzerland, Greece, Russia and every day give positive charge and pleasant mood to people. Now I want to bring my inspiration and my pleasure to you!


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