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United Kingdom

May 2011

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Svetoslav Stoyanov

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"Svetoslav Stoyanov’s oil paintings are exquisite manifestations of a gifted mind that are formed by surrealist compositions able to transform the subjects into entirely novel and unexpected entities capable of surprising and moving an observer. Stoyanov beautifully captures the passing of time and the sense of burgeoning new horizons by depicting a wide range of symbols throughout his work. Svetoslav possesses an artistic vision and imagination that goes beyond the usual confines of the human mind that enables him to uniquely interpret his surroundings. Stoyanov is tremendously imaginative and takes inspiration from an infinite array of stimuli. It is evident throughout Stoyanov’s work that he is incredibly observant and analytical of his surroundings and this clearly impacts his artistic style and approach. Svetoslav has a great passion for his art and a powerfully strong connection with his imagination and subconscious mind that is beautifully communicated in his innovative and unique creations that serve as a testament to his immense talent.” Timothy Warrington International Confederation of Art Critics-2018 About Me: I was born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, but have been living and working in London for several years now. I have always had a passion for painting, ever since my childhood, and eventually started doing that professionally in 1992. Most of my works are now part of private collections in various countries. Initially, my art was inspired by nature and the warmth of old Bulgarian houses, which I have always found very romantic. Then, I discovered about surrealism and instantly felt that this was my style, as it allows me to display the beauty of imagination. To me, surrealism in art is what progressive rock is in music, no rules and restrictions, but only freedom of thought... Selected exhibitions: 2014: Kensington Close Hotel - London 2013: Exhibition at Art Gallery - Tetbury(UK) 2012: ''Parallax:The international artist fair'' in Chelsea (London) 2012: Exhibition at Art Gallery - Tetbury(UK)


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