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International Exhibition&Competition ZOO&ARTS The first three places - International Exhibition&Competition ZOO&ARTS, Spring, 2018. Moscow, Russia
International Exhibition&Competition RUSSIAN ART WEEK The first three places - International Exhibition&Competition RUSSIAN ART WEEK, Spring 2018 - Moscow, Russia


Technical University of the Latvia

April 2020

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Svetlana Samovarova

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I was always close to art, nature and its beauty. Some time ago my soul got over renaissance and I become more passionate about painting, especially oil painting, acrylics, as well as watercolor.. I feel so happy, excited but relaxed at the same time. I feel like I have been reborn and now art is my passion and my genuine artworks are windows to my soul, like a portal between me and this amazingly beautiful world. Paintings makes happy not only me, but also people around me and I appreciate it so much! I go forward to make my skills even better, to learn some new techniques and get inspiration, wisdom and skills. Many of my works are in private collections in England, United States, France, Germany, Holland, Australia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia...



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